Tan Turtle Tavern

The family and I, were jus' hangin' around Acadia one mornin' when they asked me-where can we go when we're in the mood for some great, down east cookin', local fun, and prices that won't soak the boat? We mean casual and friendly surroundings inside and out, a place where all ages are welcome and come-as-we-are! Well, ï had it! I knew the answer to this one-let's get goin' to THE TAN TURTLE TAVERN! We're located at 10 Huntington Dr., Northeast Harbor, Maine near the fabulous Kimball Terrace Inn overlooking the scenic harbor and marina


Website : http://www.tanturtletavern.com/ 

Phone : 207-276-4000

Address : 10 Huntington Road • Northeast Harbor, Maine 04662 |